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What Is Flocking?

Consumers are always looking for something different and unusual. Flocking enables suppliers to fulfill that desire. Although the term “flock” may not be familiar to many, its velvety feel is.

Flocking is the process of applying fine fibers to an adhesive-coated surface to provide decorative or functional characteristics.

Flock can be made from natural or synthetic materials and can be milled or cut. Milled flock is produced from cotton or synthetic textile waste material. Milled flock does not provide a uniform length of flock. Cut flock is produced only from monofilament synthetic materials and produces a very uniform length of flock.

Flock can be dyed to match virtually any color, and nearly any material can be flocked, making it easy to provide new products to your product line. The process is extensively used in many industrial applications. Flocked surfaces help reduce water condensation, are good thermal insulators and have been used in the automotive industry for years. Flock is also used for items like wallpaper, greeting cards, mouse pads, book and album covers, posters and holiday decorations.

Types of Flock

Cotton: Often used for vacuum-formed plastic packaging and applications where chamois- or suede-like finishes are desired. Benefits include its low cost and the fact that it is easily dyed and is very absorbent.

Rayon: Most commonly used for greeting cards, wallpaper and garments. Benefits include ease of cutting and availability in tow form.

Nylon: Ideal for applications like upholstery that require abrasion resistance and resiliency. Nylon has excellent durability and strength, a high melting point and lasting qualities that are superior to other types of flock.

Acrylic: Excellent for use in decorative and three-dimensional applications. Often used for packaging and other applications that require durability. Dyes easily.

Polyester: The fiber of choice for use in the automotive weather-stripping and sealing application. Durable and resists fading. Draft and dust resistant.
Major automotive clients we serve include General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, Kenworth, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, Freightliner and Saab. Here's what our customers are saying about us:
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