automotive weather stripping


Rubber & Extruded Plastic

We offer flocking and slip coating on rubber and extruded plastics and can process reel to reel or in cut pieces. Flocking and slip coating are also offered on molded parts. Additional extrusion services include cut-to-length and packaging, butt splice and detail molding and extruded rubber profiles.

Molded/Other Plastics

Our flock coating services are used in a variety of industries. Some of the most recognizable are automotive products such as glove boxes, bins, consoles, interior trim and items for noise or vibration reduction. Our services are also used on other products and in other industries such as display, ergonomics, household, industrial, crafts, toys and apparel.

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Major automotive clients we serve include General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, Kenworth, Hyundai, BMW, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, Freightliner and Saab. Here's what our customers are saying about us:
"Just a note to say thank you for the great service on turning parts around. (We) really appreciate your efforts."
"I received the flocked (parts) yesterday afternoon. They looked great!! Everyone who saw them was very impressed and thought that EIS did a very good job."
"We are very pleased with the product that was supplied to us."
"Once again, thanks for flocking the parts so fast and getting us through this challenging time."
"I just received my part back from you a short while ago, and I am very pleased with the outcome again. It really looks nice and will certainly impress our customers."
"I am still excited about the parts we got from you guys today. They are beautiful ... everybody is happy."